Contemporary Impressionist figure and landscape

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Gallery 825 solo show of large contemporary oil paintings that depict a unique aerial perspective of walking people
figurative painter Warren Keating applying oil paint to canvas as seen KABC Channel 7

Many of my Impressionistic figure paintings as well as selected landscapes are now available for purchase directly from the artist

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Inside The Studio:

Since the first quarter of 2015 has seen my sales grow 300%, I'm hard at work replenishing my inventory, and discovering new possibilities for future figurative paintings. I’m also working on a special commission for a top player on the PGA Tour.


Check out my YouTube videos, including this inside look at what goes on in my studio.


Figurative Artist Uses Video
To Paint People From Above

Warren Keating is a painter who has based his popular overhead series on images that he has produced with a digital video camera. The result brings together the perspective of the camera with the nuance control of light and color that can only happen on canvas.

Award-winning figurative painter, Encino artist Warren Keating

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If you want to use one of my paintings as a desktop picture, go ahead, but please don't sell unauthorized prints of my work.

photo of award-winning Los angeles Pixel Impressionist figurative artist